Authors and Texts

          Primary Resources I use.     

                Allen- Keynotes to Materia Medica

                Kent- Repertory to Materia Medica

                Boger- Synoptic Key to Materia Medica

                Nash-  Leaders in Homeotherapeutics

                E.A. Farrington-  Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica 

                Morrison-  Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms

                My notes from studying with Dr Jose Isaac

                One of my favorite homeopathic texts is Herbert Roberts' Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy

                Hahnemann's Organon and Chronic Diseases is, of course, the standard of practice.


For Caregivers of My Patients

Dear Caregiver,

    I am currently providing Classical Homeopathic treatment for the individual in your care.  My goal is to help ‘retune’ the body’s vital force as quickly, gently and completely as possible, resulting in a return to health, both mental and physical.  Towards that end I ask that you avoid the use of antibiotic salves, topical cortisone, fever reducers, anti-diarrhetics, sleep aids and such, during homeopathic treatment, whenever possible, as they are suppressive.  If a situation arises which requires urgent attention, please contact me so we can discuss a possible course of action.  Symptoms that only present a tolerable level of discomfort can be handled without the use of any of the above and you are welcome to contact me to explore options for how to address these.

    I really value a good working relationship with the other individuals involved in the health care of mypatients.  Feel free to contact me.




Michelle Lucafo