About Me

My Story
     Sitting in a midwives' workshop on homeopathy, I heard the speaker say, "The more dilute the remedy is, the stronger it is“.  That made absolutely no sense to me, but I continued to study homeopathy, and soon the first test of this newly-found medicine came.  My friend had poison oak that oozed from head to toe and that was not yielding to anything, including antihistamines.  I treated it homeopathically with great results and later found that an outbreak could be aborted or even prevented homeopathically. 

     Eventually I learned that the remedy became stronger with every dilution, because it was succussed (shaken and struck) with every dilution which potentizes it  At this point, though I now understand and appreciate the homeopathic view of health and disease and healing, the reason I continue to work with it is that I have seen amazing results.  In time, I set aside the midwifery studies, and followed my interest in homeopathy which I cannot imagine I shall ever set aside.  

     I have a special compassion for those who have loved ones whose mental, (including behavioral) and/or physical difficulties are all-consuming, so I have a strong desire to focus on children, especially the very young, who are suffering with such illnesses.

My training

-Self-directed study (including time with local homeopaths) and use of homeopathy with family and friends

-Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy- Willa Keizer

-acute and chronic modules

-typical Western approach- long case taking and analysis

-Dr. Jose Issac MD- third generation homeopathic MD and professor of homeopathy

-Much less cumbersome, older approach

-eight-module college syllabus

-several practitioner's intensives

-one month clinical training in India

                                                              My credentials

     In 2018 I earned the Certified Classical Homeopath credential- CCH